November 4

Wayne Jacobsen, Author, Speaker, Consultant and Founder of Life Stream Ministries


Wayne Jacobsen has been on a life-long journey to sort out what it means to live loved by God, and enjoys helping others find traction on that journey as well. It is the reason why he maintains and is a host of the podcast at

According to Wayne, finding the joy of being loved by God, we also discover how to love others, not only fellow members of his family in the world, but also how to be a better vessel for God’s compassion to find its way to those who don’t know him yet.

Wayne has shared this story in books and articles, including He Loves Me, So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore, A Man Like No Other, and The Shack.

He lives in Newbury Park, California with his wife of forty years and enjoys his children and grandchildren.

Episode Summary: Wayne shares his "hero's journey" of becoming a young pastor at 22 and "voted off the island" of his congregation by his early 40's. This is an inspirational story of pivoting,listening to your inner voice, and preserving in trying times. His perspective is one of living a purpose driven, but not a goal driven life.