"I joined the course to find my purpose after a change in my life and it really helped me understand what I want and why I want it to have more fulfilled days."


"The Inspire 1.0 Class had a tremendous impact on my relationship with my husband...Using the techniques that Matt presented in class, my husband and I were able to resolve a long standing issue."


"Next Level Method created a powerful shift in perspective for me. Where my life was running me, it showed me how to look at my life from an eagle eye view. How to really put intention behind what I do."


"Learning about the roles I naturally play in situations I'm in, and how to shift my mindset into something more productive has been empowering and inspiring to say the least!"


"I loved the tools I accessed during the workshop like the energy tracker and the energy planner. I am excited to utilize them going forward because it helps me get intentional with my days.”


You don't have to make a ton of drastic changes after taking the course, but Next Level Method does help you reframe how you view yourself, how you view where you are in your life and how you approach relationships to help you move forward no matter where you are.”


"The Inspire 1.0 course allowed me to get out of the drama triangle and have the language do to that. I don't think a lot of people realize when they're getting sucked into drama. The momentum planner is one of my favorite tools offered throughout the workshop that really helped me think through what I'm doing as I'm trying to plan what's going to happen in life and correcting yourself."