November 15

Terri Cole, Author of Boundary Boss, Psychotherapist, and Host of the Terri Cole Show


Before earning a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychotherapy from New York University and adopting a daily meditation/green juice/exercise lifestyle, Terri Cole worked as a talent agent for actors and supermodels. She was your typical Type A overachiever with zero balance and no internal peace. Her ambition and fearless attitude fanned the “must get to the top” flames as she zipped across the country from Los Angeles to New York City fueled by caffeine, nicotine, and adrenalin.

When it became evident that the things (money, power, sexy job) that she thought would make her happy didn’t, she could no longer ignore the voice in her heart asking, “Isn’t there something more meaningful you could be doing with your life than making supermodels richer?”

Happily, there was.
Terri met and married her husband, Vic, around the same time that she started her therapy practice over two decades ago. What she learned in the trenches with her clients informed and continues to inspire the work she does today. Her mission and dharma is teaching women how to attract and sustain healthy, vibrant, Real Love into their lives and how to establish and maintain effective boundaries with ease and grace.
Her book BOUNDARY BOSS will show you how to authentically express your preferences, needs, and limits so you can live the happy, healthy life you deserve.

Episode Summary: Matt & Richard explore with Terri what our physical, emotional, and mental boundaries are. Once you know your boundaries it unlocks freedom and empowerment. One tactic was you need to either verbalize, write down, or act out your boundaries.