November 25

Teneshia Warner, Author of the Big Stretch, Founder and CEO of The EGAMI Group, Founder of Dream Project


Founder and CEO of The EGAMI Group—a multi-million-dollar marketing firm that serves some of today’s biggest, most successful companies — Teneshia Jackson Warner developed the Dream Project to help its attendees push aside obstacles in business and in life to reach their goals. The conference and platform has featured speakers including Rent the Runway Co-Founder, Jennifer Fleiss; NBA Legend/Entrepreneur, Magic Johnson; Me Too Movement Founder, Tarana Burke; Writer/Producer/Actress, Issa Rae; Shark Tank investor, Daymond John; and to date has engaged over 150,000 Dreamers nationwide.

Now, Jackson Warner shares the success stories of these Dreamers and her winning dream-achievement system here in the pages of The Big Stretch. In no time, you will:

  • Move beyond your comfort zone
  • Execute ideas that others would consider too risky
  • Overcome doubt, disappointment, and boredom
  • Develop the staying power to keep going
  • Position your biggest Dreams for explosive growth
  • Make the necessary changes to become the best version of yourself.

Episode Summary: A deep dive and inspirational conversation on being more purposeful, impactful, dreaming big. It's about letting go of our external world and putting our inner-self into the driver's seat. It's all about doing the "Big Stretch" so we can realize your dreams.