November 11

Simon Hills, Author, Physiotherapist and Nutritionist


What if there was a way of eating that may help us live healthier for longer and protect the future of our planet, too?

The good news is that evidence now shows a plant-based diet may offer us exactly that – and straight-talking nutritionist Simon Hill has done the hard work translating the science into actionable advice for everyday life.

Simon is a Physiotherapist and Nutritionist who is passionate about making nutritional information simple and accessible so that people can make informed decisions about the food they feed themselves and their family.

You can learn more about Simon at his website and through his amazing book, The Proof is in the Plants.

Simon's hope is that more of us will work together to create a more equitable, beautiful and peaceful world.

Episode Summary: An educational episode that encourages all of us that changing to a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be overwhelming. The key is to just start. Starting small is better than doing nothing at all. There's a ton of advice and facts in this episode for anyone curious about feeling and doing better through a plant-focused diet.