July 28

Miguel Johns, Chief Executive Officer at kingFit


Miguel Johns on Tackling Limiting Beliefs & Creating an Abundant Mindset

Miguel Johns is passionate about human performance, mindset, and health and is the founder of KingFit.

He is a professional public speaker, former nutrition coach, strength coach, and former D-1 athlete, with a background in exercise science.

Additionally, Miguel loves to solve complex problems that take patience and consistent effort.

Episode Summary: A value packed episode of three friends and entrepreneurs talking about the entrepreneurial journey, mindset, purpose, and how to add value to people. The episode opens up talking about “Generational Curses” and breaking cycles of poverty and scarcity mindsets. There are plenty of authentic examples from Miguel, Richard, & Matt on how they deal with limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and imposter syndrome. It’s all about tenacity and that we can’t go through this journey alone. This is an inspirational episode for anyone wanting to take courageous leaps but don’t know how to overcome the fear.

Miguel’s Linked-In Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miguel-johns-929a8baa/