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Meet Matt Lillie

Affected by a parent’s mental illness as a child, Matt resolved to take charge of his own life and achieve extraordinary success in his professional life. However, his experience of success soon proved to be empty and devoid of a larger meaning. Setting out on a long and difficult journey of introspection and self-transformation, he uncovered some key insights about his own life’s purpose and challenges. From this experience and the desire to help others, Next Level Method was born.

Today, Matt and his team are on a mission to empower lives globally and reinvent the future of personal development.

We know what it can feel like to be stuck. To be in transition. To feel like you’re living under your fullest potential. Or to have all the material success in the world and end up feeling empty.

That’s me on the left there (Matt Lillie). Growing up, I was heavily affected by a parent’s mental illness as a child. To cope with a lack of fulfillment, I did what many do and dove headfirst into a life of grinding at work. I spent more and more hours chasing more and more financial success. I build and exited a successful real estate company. I became financially successful and had everything I could ever need by the world's standards.

But deep down… and this is hard to share to this day… I felt empty, unfulfilled and frustrated.

I have it all, yet I thought.

  • Why do I still feel this feeling of lack?
  • Why does it feel like there’s still a hole in my life?

I got upset. Incredibly upset. I wanted to take charge and make the most of the short life I’ve been gifted. But I wasn’t sure how. I had done everything that I was told to do to live a “successful” life, so I started to search for a better way.

After spending hundreds of thousands on personal development courses, I uncovered a number of key insights about my own life’s purpose and challenges. But, the solution was never wrapped into one cohesive method to provide the quickest results in the shortest amount of time. It always felt like each course was a piece of the puzzle, but never the answer.

After going through my own transformation and experiencing a life with more joy, peace and happiness, I wanted to help others experience the same change. A change that’s holistic. A change that’s lasting. A change that doesn’t require traveling across the world or spending thousands on multiple resources.

A change that can begin right now. 

It was the beginning of the Next Level Method. A new approach to self development.

The Next Level Method team and I have taken the golden nuggets out of the hundreds of teachings we've experienced and distilled them into one seamless method.

Today, the NLM team is on a mission to empower lives globally and reinvent the future of personal growth and development through powerful, transformative live and online programs.

The methods we use have inspired 1000s to live a more purposeful, more joyful life and we want to help you do the same!

Stories From Our Community

"Next Level Method created a powerful shift in perspective for me. Where my life was running me, it showed me how to look at my life from an eagle eye view. How to really put intention behind what I do.



"Learning about the roles I naturally play in situations I'm in, and how to shift my mindset into something higher productive has been empowering and inspiring to say the least!



"I joined the course to find my purpose after a change in my life and it really helped me understand what I want and why I want it to have the fulfilled days.



"The Inspire 1.0 Class had a tremendous impact on my relationship with my husband...Using the techniques that Matt presented in class, my husband and I were able to resolve a long standing issue.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am fit to enroll in Next Level Method?

If you are looking for more joy and fulfillment in life, struggling in your current relationships (personally or professionally), and/or are ready to find your purpose and meaning in life, Next Level Method is for you. We aren’t meant to grow alone and we are able to deliver the tools and the community and support to help you achieve positive, lasting change in your life. 

What’s included in the Next Level Method Private Community? 

The Next Level Method private community is a closed online group accessible outside of typical social media platforms like Facebook for your ultimately privacy. Here, you will receive additional education through our Next Level Method Modules, you’ll receive the support youneed to answer common questions, move through challenges and share experiences with your peers and coach. Learn more about our community memberships here:

What kind of change can I expect in my life from taking the Next Level Method course(s)?

We created Next Level Method so that you can truly develop the life you’ve always imagined. One that is filled with abundance, purpose and joy. Making this investment in yourself will create a lasting impact on your life in these ways, to name a few: 

  • Learn how to produce abundant energy
  • Shift from a problem-focused mindset to a solution-oriented one 
  • Optimize your relationships 
  • Identify your superpower


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